• Michael Hebert

A Big Decision

This week was our very first research speech presentation for the year. We were tasked with creating an 8-10 minute presentation and speech to demonstrate the research we've conducted throughout the last few weeks. Over all, I'm very happy with how my visual presentation and my speech turned out. I taught myself how to do template formatting on google slides to make the presentation flow and match my personal brand. The only hang-up I know I had with my presentation was the duration of my speech. The time limit was meant to be 8 to 10 minutes long but my presentation ended up being 16 minutes total. It would have been longer but I decided last minute to take out two slides and I'm glad I did. I think I can fix this by just narrowing my focus on each of my research assessments and not trying to touch on everything mentioned. This week I also had an interview with Tracy Gamble. Mrs. Gamble is a political marketing consultant who has worked on a plethora of local elections in FISD and the Collin Denton area. She gave me a really deep and personal perspective on the inner workings of elections and campaign development. Even though she does not specifically work in the realm of political journalism she does have a special in on local politics in general. This is causing me to seriously consider her for my mentor this year in ISM. She was aware of the program before our interview, and she mentioned she would love to help any way she can so once I get everything organized I might make my decision very soon.

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