• Michael Hebert

A Grand Finally

This last week in ISM was relatively calm. We had the week to work on our Original Work Projects this week, and they are due this coming Friday. Unfortunately, this is also my finals week for my college classes at UNT, so I am in for a busy net few days. On the bright side, I selected my mentor for this year in ISM. I decided to go with Mrs. Gamble. She agreed to be my mentor early last week so I was able to get everything worked out and squared away before the semester came to a close. As for how Original Works are going I feel fairly confident in how mine is coming along. As I stated in my last blog post I decided for my Original Work to write an Op-Ed and try to get it published. That turned into two Op-Eds now, so I would be able to fully showcase my research, and I am already finished one of them. The first one I write was more of just a test run to see how I could do writing an Op-Ed on a current and important issue. My second one will be more focused on my research and will fully demonstrate all the things I've learned throughout this semester.

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