• Michael Hebert

A Minor Obstacle

Today was the first day of the second semester for FISD and it's been off to an interesting start. As far as the workload for this grading period I feel fairly confident in my ability to complete all the assignments that I know of, but we will need to start doing mentor visits soon. I had originally selected Mrs. Gamble as my mentor for this year but something came up, and she was unable to be my mentor, but she did give me the contact information of Mr. Chris Lee who is the Governmental director of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. She told me that she had mentioned the ISM program to Mr. Lee and that he was interested in helping out. Hopefully, soon I will be able to get in touch with him and set up a meeting to learn more about his position and to see if he could be my mentor for this year. We also have begun to think about our Final Project proposal ideas. As of this moment, my idea is to produce a podcast/ video production where I would sit down with a few local officials and students to discuss different events going on in the world that have affected their lives recently. I already have supplies and materials to produce a podcast the only issue would be learning how to publish and edit them but I think it is possible to learn how to do that soon.

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