• Michael Hebert

A Moment of Rest

This week in ISM was very calm. After several really busy weeks both in ISM and my college classes as well as life in general I was very happy to just have a relaxing week with not too many things to do or to stress over. In the ways of work, all I really had to do was an exam for my environmental geography class and this week's assessment which both went swimmingly. I was really worried about this exam because the last one was not easy at all but this one was super simple and I think I did very well. The article I did my assessment over this week was also super useful too because it hit not only on topics I have been covering in my college classes but also talks about the history of one of the main cities I wanted to research as well and outlining some of the most important factors to take into account when developing compact sustainable cities. So this assessment and the next several are going to be super useful for my original work research. Now that this week is over I have to really start prepping for the next two weeks because next Tuesday is the first meeting for the FISD Legislative Leadership Committee and the week after is the second meeting for the CYAC program I am in. I'm excited for both but also nervous.

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