• Michael Hebert

A Productive Week

This week in ISM was actually really productive. After seeing the course load of some of my college classes for this semester I was a little worried about balancing ISM and college but this week helped me put some of those worries aside. I managed to complete three weeks' worth of assessments in two days and begin the fourth. I also went shopping for new outfits for mentor visits and presentation days which got me excited in itself. I also started on my original work proposal but I'm thinking of shifting gears into what my project will be. I found a study that was done on the Portland Oregon transit system and how they integrated geo-tracking software to make it much more efficient and provide more benefits to citizens and officials which makes me want to look into it more for the case of Frisco but I'm still really interested in my original idea of looking into the past elections trends of north Texas cities. I was meant to have a meeting with my mentor team this week but some things had to be moved around so that won't be till later this month. Whenever I meet with them next I'll run the ideas past them and see what their thoughts are.

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