• Michael Hebert

A Rough Time

This week was a really rough one. In regards to ISM, it was easy and simple. We didn't have any assessments to complete and only had to put together our final presentation night invitation drafts. The real challenge was from my college classes where we had three midterm essays due within the same week. The first essay was a formal analysis of an artwork and how it relates to climate change, the second was a historical breakdown of an issue that contributes to climate change, and then the final one was a policy analysis over a piece of legislation that contributes to our topic for the historical background essay. The essays had taken much longer than I expected, but I was able to complete them. One good thing to come from it though is that I finally have a conclusive and great idea for my Final Product. I have settled on combining my college class's assignments and my ISM work. One thing my mentor and I had talked about a lot was ERCOT and how the Texas energy system works and what legislation contributed to its current operations. I will be completing a series of research essays breaking down the most prominent pieces of legislation that influence Texas energy and then propose a solution to help fix some of its mistakes. This would allow me to get a good perspective into what professional policy analysts do as well as taking some of the research load off my mentor's shoulders for ERCOT and the PUC.

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