• Michael Hebert

An Amazing End To An Amazing Year

This last week in ISM has been absolutely amazing! First off we had our final presentations this past Tuesday and things went great! Mr. Lee and Mrs. Gamble were both able to come which I'm super happy about because after the presentation they both had the idea of taking me down to Austin. The trip was slightly last minute but came at a perfect time because the FISD trustee board was also going down to the capital for advocacy efforts for the district. We arrived around 10:30 AM, and we were able to watch the House go into session and pass a few postponed bills. We also saw one of the Representatives address the House and give a speech about an accident they had recently and apologized which was pretty interesting. After that, we visited different legislator's offices to meet with their staff. I met with a couple of different Chiefs of Staff for several offices like Robert Paulsen, Madelyn Fletcher, and Jeff Carlson and the district director for Senator Angela Paxton, Della Bryant. We then went and sat in on the Senate's session for a few minutes until we joined up with the trustee members. I got to meet with Senator Paxton herself during the FISD meeting! It was an awesome experience to speak with her and to just meet her in general, I even got some pictures. Then we waited outside of the House floor to see if we could catch any other Reps. before we left. I was able to meet with Jared Patterson which was really cool. He focuses a lot on ERCOT and Texas energy which is what I did my Final product on. I then was able to meet Rep. James Talarico! He is one of my favorite reps in all of the Texas legislature because of how ambitious and significant his work has been these past two sessions. He was an absolute pleasure to speak with and I am super grateful I was able to meet with him. After we finished up at the Capital we went over to the UT campus and I was able to get a quick tour. I really loved the campus and thought it looked amazing. We then headed home where we hit some bad traffic caused by a tornado that ran across I35. Overall the experience of this trip was something I'd never want to forget. I'm beyond grateful for both Mr. Lee and Mrs. Gamble taking me with them to experience the capital and the city for the first time. I hope there will be more trips like that one in the future!

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