• Michael Hebert

"And so the adventure begins"

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

These past few weeks of ISM have been an interesting journey! Only three weeks into the class and I've already designed a website, have several potential mentors to reach out to, and have thought about switching my topic of study. I had originally entered ISM wanting to pursue broadcasting and journalism but while doing our first research assessment I found that I actually really liked a lot of the information I could find on digital marketing and media management. I found it very interesting and was able to easily apply it to everyday situations I experience. It also helps that a lot of the background involving digital marketing and management coincides with some useful background for journalism. I'm still floating between options but I'll have to make my decision soon. This previous week I was able to make a lot of valuable connections to potential mentors including, Gina Miller, the vice president of media for FC Dallas, Mike McCalley vice president at Vixxo who is close friends with a family friend of mine, and my communications professor's son who is a writer for the Dallas Morning Newspaper. I have yet to reach out to any of them directly yet regarding ISM but I did manage to get their contact information to reach out to them further down the line. As for the various assignments we've had in the class, they weren't nearly as challenging as I was expecting! I really enjoy the freedom and personality we can include in our own work. I did find it a little challenging to find peer-reviewed documents to use for our research assessment but once I did it was very easy to complete the assignment. In conclusion these past few weeks really have me excited to see where this program can get me in the near future. Next week I hope to make a decision on which career field I will fully pursue this year as well as just improve my overall organization of all of my assignments and notes for the class.

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