• Michael Hebert

Back Up to Bat

This was a good week in ISM to transition back into the usual work schedule. We didn't have any large assignments or assessments due this week which was nice and gave me a chance to get a head start on the up and coming assessments. I've already completed one for next week, and I am in the process of setting up a research interview with Mr. Christopher Lee, which will be my second one for this semester. I was able to get in contact with Mr. Lee, who is the Director of governmental affairs for the City of Frisco Chamber of Commerce, through Mrs. Gamble late last week. Hopefully following our interview this coming week I will be able to ask him to be my mentor for this semester. When I was doing some background research into him I found a lot of interesting info that I think would make for a great interview and an even better mentor experience, such as that he has had experience in campaign management, graduated from The University of North Texas, and has his own podcast and is planning on producing a video series on local Frisco politics, which is the perfect combination of some of the parts of politics and broadcast journalism that I would like to learn about. So, fingers crossed that goes well and I find the perfect mentor!

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