• Michael Hebert

Big Plans Ahead

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

This week I received my first email response from a potential mentor for this year! I had reached out to my Communications 1010 professor because she mad mentioned her son was a writer for the Dallas Observer. She mentioned me to him and a few days later he had sent me a response saying he'd love to hear more and to reach out to him soon. I'm still torn between pursuing journalism or media management as my topic of study this year but I feel very relieved to have a potential mentor in my back pocket. Later this coming week I plan on reaching out to Gina Miller, the vice president of media for FC Dallas. I am unsure of how exactly reaching out to her since she is such a well know and successful person in the broadcasting realm. I have both her linked in and email from working with her once in the past so when I find out the right message to send I'll be ready to send it. This week for my research assessment I focused on ethics and objectivity of publishing pieces regarding current events. I learned a lot of the do's and don'ts as well as found a few scandals about how the laws of ethics were violated by a journalist that I plan on looking into in the near future. I also made my first draft of my professional resume this week. It was hard trying to figure out which things to put on it since I've never had any official work history aside from sports broadcasting for FISD but I managed to figure it out for the time being and will work out the kinks as I go throughout the year.

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