• Michael Hebert

Busy Busy Busy

My break was both very productive and incredibly stressful. Even though we were not in school I spent pretty much every available moment I had either doing homework, studying, or working. The week prior to use getting out for break I had started a new job at Starbucks near my house and I had thirty plus hours of training my first week and then went right into working the week of work where I worked nearly forty hours. It was super exhausting but I do enjoy the job and the people I work with. As for the school work I completed I have nearly wrapped up all of my finals for my UNT classes. We had our final semester presentations which went amazingly and my group and I are super pleased with our finished project. I also passed my statistics final which I was extremely nervous about, all I have left is my earth and space science final this week and I will have a month off of my college classes. This will let me finally go full force into finding a mentor for this year which is something I've kind of had to push to the back burner this semester. As for my original work which is due next week I'm almost fully done. I decided to just combine my original work and final product ideas I had for this year into one project and complete a model of the city I'm remodeling, create a proposal, and an advertisement campaign for the city. I have the model and the advertisements completed and all I have left is to update my project proposals and write the actual city renovation proposal. The only obstacle is that I forgot to record the dates and times I actually worked on the different portions of the project which will take me a while to figure out.

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