• Michael Hebert

Calm and Steady

This was definitely one of the most laid back and relaxed weeks in ISM we've had in a while. It was nice to get back to the one assessment a week schedule instead of the two we had for the last couple of weeks. I had spent the first few weeks spending so much time doing original work research that I let my interview assessment topics pile up, so I'll be able to write about my interviews with both Garrett Gravely and Simone Carter these upcoming weeks to relieve some stress. I'm also ahead of the required original work research hours. We needed to have six total completed and I have roughly nine fully done. I also already have my next two documents lined up to research which will buy me two or three additional hours. Despite this past week being relatively uneventful this coming week will bring some big hitters my way. We have our first research speech presentation coming this week and the election is next Tuesday. Depending on the outcome it will shape my entire original work project. I switched my idea from designing a program to allow people my age to get more involved in local politics to more of an idea of writing an Op-Ed or "A Letter to American Teens" to hopefully allow adults and officials to get a better insight on how teens in the country are viewing the current political climate as well as the proceedings of the 2020 election. This will also affect how soon I'll hear back from my friend's dad who works for CBS to get a possible interview.

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