• Michael Hebert


This week in ISM was pretty productive. I managed to finally knock out my full college application essay. I also had to update my original work proposal a little bit because the document format changes slightly from last year. On the bright side, it bought me a little extra time to put into my original work log. As. of right now I believe I am up to four out of the fifteen required research hours. I also passed my first college statistics exam! On the topic of good news, I also heard back about the Van Taylor Youth Congressional Advisory Council. I got accepted into the program! I had gotten a phone call from Emma McllHeran, the CYAC coordinator on Monday saying I had made it into the program earlier in the month but there was an issue when they were sending all the acceptance letters to the forty-five students. They had accidentally misspelled my last name as "Herbet" instead of Hebert, so I had no idea I had gotten in. Unfortunately, that means I missed the first meeting for the group but I'm honestly glad I had gotten in at all! I think it will be. an awesome experience and program to be a part of for the next year and I'm super excited!

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