• Michael Hebert

Coming to a Close

We are finally done with our final product projects! I had managed to finish up my project a little earlier last week so it was a massive weight off of my shoulders. It also freed me up for the rest of the week to complete my final presentation dress rehearsal. Overall I was really happy with the work I did for both my final product and my final presentation. My only wish for the final product was that I would have been able to find more Texas-specific statistics that measured emissions of greenhouse gases instead of ones that measured the U.S. as a whole. As for my presentation, I think I did well! Public speaking has always been a bit of a challenge for me because I tend to talk really fast and ramble but I think I was able to get it under control. There were a few moments when I had lost my train of thought or that I blanked but aside from that, it went well! I'm glad to finally have it completed and get some time to sit back and not worry about ISM assignments for a while. Now it's time to start prepping for next year!

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