• Michael Hebert

Dress Rehearsal

It's the last week of the final product! So far I'm entirely done with every aspect of my final product essay except for a couple of statics I need to put in but that wouldn't be more than a paragraph. I'm also done with the other aspects like the setup and completion and I redid my proposal. I also have my final presentation dress rehearsal this coming Friday. I still need to finish up the remainder of that slide show but I have the bulk of the speech written out and organized. I'm very nervous but happy to get it out of the way. I'll have to get this presentation done three separate times so the more practice the better. On a side note, things with CCYD are starting to pick up. I've started a new project with the deputy director of policy and it is basically the same as the original final product idea I had with the podcast. She is also a part of ISM at Centennial High, and we are both thinking of following through with this project in a way that would work as our original work project for next year. I hope to be able to knock that over the summer cause then I'll get the whole first semester to focus on college applications. Also elections are coming up in two weeks so I'll have to start doing some groundwork. I also hope to see Mr. Lee sometime this week, he's had some work to do in Austin recently so I haven't seen him an a few weeks but hopefully, we'll be able to catch up.

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