• Michael Hebert

End of the Semester

This week marks the end of the semester and the end of the first half of ISM 2. So far ISM 2 has felt wildly different from ISM 1. I've felt more prepared for different things like speeches, interviews, projects, etc. but at the same time, I also feel like I have no idea what I'm doing this year. Last year I had clear goals and ideas of what wanted and what I'd have to do to make them happen but for this year I kinda feel like I'm floating. It's not a case of wanting to change my career topic but more of just I don't know what my next move should be. Last year seemed to work almost like a puzzle where after I had one piece down the next one just fell right into place and now I don't even know where the puzzle pieces are. Despite the uncertainty and stress, I'm still determined to work through ISM 2 and take any and every opportunity that comes my way. In fact, as I'm typing this I am at another FISD board meeting scouting out potential ideas or connections I could make to start new projects. And I'm excited to see what comes my way next.

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