• Michael Hebert

First Meeting Down

This was a week of first in ISM! To start off I had managed to finish up two assessments early this week which will definitely save me some stress next week. I also had my first mentor visit with Mr. Lee today. I had met with him at the Chamber of Commerce offices on Main Street. I was initially pretty nervous because I felt very unprepared even though it was only the first visit. To start out Mr. Lee showed me around the offices and introduced me to all the other directors of the chamber. They were all extremely friendly and fun to speak to. After introductions were done we discussed different things going on in Frisco and he showed me some pretty cool resources to use when looking up information about different areas of the city. The one I found most interesting was the geographical information system department, which helps design and creates a lot of the geographical models and maps used of Frisco and surrounding counties. We also discussed a few potential ideas for my final product project. One idea we had settled on was the idea of setting up a podcast that will contain some of the big picture events of the Frisco legislature so that everyday citizens would be able to tune in for a few minutes and get a good look into the inner workings of the City. Mr. Lee said that he had already been working on a form of this idea so it was a perfect example of a product I could help produce that he could use in his everyday work.

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