• Michael Hebert

Getting the Ball Rolling

This week in ISM was really great! Not only do I finally feel really confident in my work again but I've been super productive and on top of things as well as had many mentor visits within the same week! Last week I had my first in-person meeting with Dr. Jason Cooley. It went really well and I learned a lot more about his title and position what big projects and events are coming in the near future for the city of Frisco. We also discussed potential final project ideas and we landed on one that I actually had last year but had no idea where to start and I didn't feel confident in my ability to complete it well. We thought it would be a good idea to redraw the proposed Texas Congressional district map the correct way. Meaning no gerrymandering or party politics. I would break down congressional districts the way they are meant to be broken down with demographics and equal representation for each representative. We also discussed the potential for another Austin trip later in the year which I am super excited for! Lastly this week I got to attend the 2022 Winter Work Session for the city of Frisco's city council and staff which was a long but really interesting event. Each department and council member got to do a brief presentation on upcoming projects and issues and it allowed for citizens and members to weigh in and problem solve. It was a really cool thing to be a part of and I was really grateful to have been able to get in. As for assignments and things I'm about to turn in my last regular assessment for the year! and I'm am almost done with the final work proposal and calendar updates I was just waiting for the final pieces of advice from Dr. Cooley before I submit, but I should have that in by the end of the day!.

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