• Michael Hebert

Just Another Week

This week in ISM was a pretty relaxed one. I was done the bulk of the work that was due for this week already which allowed me to focus on some other class work. I also went shopping for some more professional dress clothes and I found some really good stuff. I got a new blue suit which I am absolutely in love with and some boots to go with it. I managed to complete an assessment this week as well. I'm still having a very rough time completing my college essays. I have started but I only have about one hundred words. Outside of school work, everything else has been rough. My entire family except for me tested positive for COVID, so I'm stuck out of the house most of the time and don't have much of a chance to relax. My college classes have also gotten a little rougher, specifically my statistics class. Hopefully in a few weeks when everyone isn't sick any more things will get back to normal. As for the search for a mentor, things have been going a little slow. I still haven't had a meeting with Rene, Mr. Lee, and Tracy yet but I'm going to reach out to Tracy soon to see when they would all be available.

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