• Michael Hebert

Kick Off

ISM 2 has officially begun, and I am now a senior! The start of ISM this year has been much less stress-inducing than ISM 1 and I hope that trend continues. I already had my website, portfolio, LinkedIn, and everything else set up. I was also able to get a lot of my interviews for this year already completed over the summer. As of right now I have already done four interviews and have two more scheduled. One with Rita Kirk a professor at the Southern Methodist University and then another with my mentors from last year Mr. Lee and Tracy Gamble, as well as Rene Archambault. I've never done a group interview before, so I know it will be interesting but I'm excited to be working with that group of people again. They helped me so much last year and I can't wait to see the things we get to do this year. Aside from ISM, the start of senior year has been an interesting one. I'm now a co-team captain for the FHS guys swim team and back in district broadcasting as the official audio tech and it feels great. I've also started college apps which have been not great. It's pretty stressful but I'm sure I'll manage.

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