• Michael Hebert

Lost and Confused

This week in ISM was fairly laid back. All we had to complete was our usual weekly assessment. However, in the next few weeks, we have several big-ticket items coming down the pipe. These include things like our original work speech, the final product proposal draft and calendar, our showcase poster boards, and mentor selections. As of right now seeing all those assignments coming down the pipe feels pretty overwhelming but I know that I survived it last year so I'll be fine again this year. The biggest things I'm worried about are the final product proposal draft and the research showcase display board. I feel confident in my ability to put the poster board together but I would also like to print the 3D model of the city I designed for my original work. So I need to go and figure out where, how, and how long that will take to do. I however feel entirely unprepared for the final product proposal. Last semester my idea came together fairly easily but this semester I have no idea what to do. I am also having trouble finding a mentor so I don't have that added padding of asking their thoughts on what I should do. I have a meeting with the Le

gislative Leadership Committee tomorrow so I may ask to interview the two chairs, of the committee and pivot my focus from city planning to educational policy and see if I can get lucky and have one of them as my mentor. We'll see but hopefully, things will all work out soon.

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