• Michael Hebert

New Year, New Beginning

It's the first day of the semester! The break was both very productive and very much needed. I didn't do very much school-related work but I ended up cleaning the small details in my model from my original work because they were bugging me knowing that they were there. I also attended a meeting with Tracy Gamble where I found out she is very close friends with Dr. Jason Cooley. She had already mentioned me to Dr. Cooley when I worked with her last year and I had asked if she would mind introducing me to him and she said yes. I spoke briefly with him over email throughout the break and he is open for an interview soon. We haven't set a specific date and time yet due to him being out of town for the remainder of this week but I'm excited to get to speak with him. He is the Chief of Innovations for the Frisco City Manager's Office. I don't know much about his specific positions but I've looked a little into his past work and research and it seemed super interesting. I've also always wanted to work with someone in the city manager and planning offices for Frisco so I think this would be an amazing opportunity.

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