• Michael Hebert

On The Up Swing

This week in ISM was fairly simple and straightforward. All we had to complete was our assessment for the week but I also had a stroke of luck with the search for a mentor. I had gotten back in contact with Jason Cooley, the Chief of Innovations for the City of Frisco Manager's Office, and we have an interview scheduled for this coming Wednesday! I was also invited by Dr. Cooley to join him on some work sessions in city hall later this week, which is super exciting. From what I can gather from speaking with Dr. Cooley recent is that he is fully open to the idea of being my mentor this year and I would be really excited to get the opportunity to work with him! I plan on confirming with him during our interview Wednesday as well as checking in about sitting in on those work sessions this week. Other than that this week has been relatively slow. I have been trying to start ramping up my research for my final product but I'm having a rough time deciding what topics to actually focus on in the beginning. We have some time will we need to have a required number of hours logged but we also are waiting to complete our final drafts of our proposals as well as our mentor evaluations on the final product proposals.

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