• Michael Hebert

One For The History Books

This was a fantastic week! It was the week of the 2020 Presidential Election and at the time of writing this, there is still no definitive answer to who the winner is. This election has seen the greatest voter turn out in U.S. history and has broken many records in states nationwide so needless to say this was a big week in politics and for journalism. Amongst all the anxiety and stress of the week, I learned a lot about how political journalists operate on election night and the subsequent days after. I took notes on terms and strategies used by anchors and reporters from FOX, CBS, NBC, Associated Press, and more to best accurately measure and convey the voting results to their viewers. I also managed to get a lot of work done in all of my classes this week so now I am about two weeks ahead in everything and can fully focus on my search for a mentor for this year. On the topic of mentors, I recently found out that one of my close friend's mom was a campaign manager for several local candidates in past elections. She is currently not working in that position but I did manage to get her contact and intend to reach out to her later today to get other contacts from her! I have also yet to hear back from my other friend's parent at CBS but hopefully, after the election craziness ends I will hear soon.

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