• Michael Hebert

One Hurdle Down

This week in ISM was a real tough one! In general, this week was just very stressful with it being the end of the first marking period, so we had a lot of assignments to get done with as well as PSAT. But we managed to get through it! We also had to do two research assessments this week instead of the usual one. I was initially pretty worried about getting done in time, but I was lucky enough to have a few research articles saved up in case we ever needed any last-minute research and it really came in handy. I was also able to get a few interviews this week that will help me for next week's assessments. I was able to interview Avery Dalal who is a senior at the University of Missouri and a past student of Coach Goffs. He gave me a lot of advice on how he was able to complete his work in ISM in a more efficient manner as well as told me a lot about his experience at Missouri. I had originally focused most of my college searching on The University of Texas at Austin as well as The University of North Texas but I think I might start looking at the University of Missouri a lot more because of how amazing their journalism program sounds. I also have another interview scheduled for this coming Monday with Madison Hildreth. She is a journalism student at UT Austin and another past student of Coach Goff's. I'm looking forward to hearing more about what she's been able to do after the ISM program and how UT's journalism program is.

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