• Michael Hebert

Out of the Woods, For Now...

This past week in ISM was very stressful. This past week was the week our Original Work projects were due. I was already very stressed with my college classes because it was our finals week and when looking into the submission requirements for our original works I was caught very off guard. I wasn't expecting to have to complete the summary and completion guide along with the actual original work at the same time but I managed to get it done. The process of putting together my final draft of my original work was a roller coaster in itself. I struggled a lot earlier in the week figuring out exactly how to write my Op-Ed and I didn't come to a full conclusion until late Thursday night. After the idea hit me I just started writing and completed the whole thing in one sitting. I ended up being very happy with my final product and I hope it accurately reflects all the work I've done in the last few months. I also took the time to reformat some things on my digital portfolio and complete the original work page. I really like how it turned out in the end. Despite all the stress and obstacles from this last week, I managed to get through it as well as ace all of my college finals!

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