• Michael Hebert

Over the Hurdle

This last week in ISM was jam-packed with assignments and some good updates! The biggest thing that happened is that I completed over half of my college applications. The only two I have remaining are my out-of-state and my UT Austin app. I'm currently debating filling out my out-of-state ones which are for the University of Oklahoma and the University of Missouri. I think I have a very good chance at getting into SMU and that I am more likely than not to get into UT Austin and if I get into either of those I'm set. Oklahoma I don't see myself going there even if I get accepted and Mizzou has an amazing journalism program but I don't see myself living in Columbia Missouri. I had a visit to the SMU campus and instantly fell in love with it. On a more local level, I had my first meeting with the FISD Legislative Leadership Committee. It was a really interesting experience. I even got to meet with my past mentor Mr. Lee. We scheduled a meeting for this Wednesday. I also connected with the Director of Government and Legal Affairs Mr. Daniel Stockton and the Government Affairs Coordinator Mrs. Megan DeWolfe. We have plans to schedule interviews in the next few weeks.

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