• Michael Hebert

Over Worked

This past week was a very long one. In ISM it has been relatively easy and I've been making decent progress on my original work. One issue I've run into is that I've been kind of jumping the gun and most of the work I've been completing would probably best fit under my final product rather than my original work. For example, I've been designing and recreating a 3D model of the city of Kowloon as well as creating different kinds of advertisements or posters you'd see while walking within the city that showcases some of the updates or sustainable abilities of the city. While these little side projects are great for my final product cause it helps visualize the city and show what it would be like to be in the city, that is not really what my goal is for my original work. I'm sure there is something I can do in terms of switching ideas around or swapping out certain things but currently, I'm just really overwhelmed with everything. Finals week is about to start up for my college classes and I've just recently started a new job. I'm also kind of at my wit's end with swimming cause I'm just constantly tired and get little to no sleep. I'm sure things will sort themselves out by Christmas but I just can't wait till Thanksgiving break.

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