• Michael Hebert

Practice Makes Perfect

This week was the annual ISM business symposium! I felt fantastic about my interviews and got some very useful feedback. I met with Nicole Miller who worked in learning technologies at JP Morgan. She gave me some amazing encouragement and support for going into journalism. I also spoke with Bill Morgan from Morgan Hinges, and he gave me some very good feedback on my resume and gave me some advice on how to reach out to local networks and possibly get writings published to build up my resume. I also spoke to Shaina Patel, a past ISM student who worked as an allergen specialist. She gave me some very useful tips on selecting mentors and getting proficient in completing ISM work. She also gave me the name of another ISM student to reach out to named Madison Hildreth. I reached out to her earlier today, and we scheduled a meeting for this coming Monday. I was also able to complete my interview with Simone Carter this past weekend. She was an amazing person to interview. She has a very interesting background and has had some amazing opportunities throughout her career. I'm still planning on doing a few more interviews but she is definitely a candidate for potential mentors if she is interested.

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