• Michael Hebert

Progress Being Made

This was a pretty calm week in ISM. I had gotten ahead on assessments for this week, so I didn't have much to do aside from my Original Work Reflection Speech and a mentor visit. Speaking of mentor visits, I'm really enjoying having Mr. Lee as my mentor. He's incredibly helpful with anything I need and I've already learned so much about what actually makes the City of Frisco tick. He has also given me a few tips to stay up to date on Texas legislation rather than national legislation like I'm used to. I'm really looking forward to continuing my ISM journey with him as my mentor. On the topic of my OW presentation, it was alright. I was very happy with the structure and look of the visual aids I had developed and I had my speech planned out very well but when it came time to present I had mentally gone blank. I felt like I was starting off with a blank card and filled in some gaps from what I could think of at the moment. This led to a lot of stuttering and repeating myself, but hopefully, I'll have everything down for final presentation night.

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