• Michael Hebert

Reving Up

This last week was a busy one. I wasn't able to meet with my mentor this week because he was down in Austin working for the Chamber. However, I was able to get a good amount of preparation work for my final product completed. So far I have the bulk of my historical and policy background completed for my separate essays regarding the Deregulation of energy in Texas. All That I need to do now for that side of the project is get official statistics and data and possibly turn them into charts or graphs to help readers visualize the information I'm presenting. After that, I'll be able to fill in the gaps of the actual historical overview essay, and then once that is complete I'll get to write up the policy recommendation document. Preferably I'd like to meet with Mr. Lee before I get started on the policy recommendation portion so I can get a better idea of how to correctly format it or what language to use. Luckily, I'll be able to get an even better structure of how I'm going to write the history essay because it is basically the same topic and information as my final research essay for my UNT classes, which is due this coming Thursday. I still need to update my final product proposal but hopefully, I'll be able to complete that either today or this weekend. Over this last weekend, I also got a position in the Collin County Young Democrats as one of the policy directors. I'm really excited to start working with them and getting some good experience of what it's like to work with an organization like that.

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