• Michael Hebert

Running on Fumes

This week has been a roller coaster. In terms of ISM, it has been relatively straightforward with only an assessment and presentation prep. We have our research speeches this week and I am presenting tomorrow in class. It feels like this speech came out of nowhere. I thankfully have been updating my slides as I do interviews and assessments so I didn't have to prep as much as I usually do but I still need to organize my talking points and what things I need to touch on. Outside of ISM I'm feeling really overwhelmed. Many of my college classes at the moment are complete messes. We have a semester project due in the next few weeks but we've had little to no guidance or organization on how to do it. My statistics class is also a complete nightmare because we had a presentation today but it was nothing like a presentation. Instead of being able to get up and present the information we researched our professor pretty much cut us all off in the first few seconds ad asked us to answer questions that had nothing to do with the information we had prepared to present. I also spent a lot of time on my presentation to make it something I was happy with and it felt like a huge waste of all of our time to not even get to actually speak on it. I'm enjoying my other two classes but I'm running on fumes in statistics.

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