• Michael Hebert

Setting the Stage

This week in ISM was very relaxed. I've actually started to really like this asynchronous model of classes right now especially with being able to attend my UNT classes in person. It lets me still attend swim practice in the morning like normal but then I can go to two normal classes and then have time to rest and complete my work at my own discretion. It's really nice and relieves a good amount of stress. Aside from that I also was able to meet with Mr. Lee, again and he helped me get a legislative perspective on the repercussion of the winter storm from last week. It was really interesting overall and gave me a lot of perspective into what set the stage for things to go wrong in regards to the power shortages Texans experienced. I also got to sit in on a call with Mr. Lee and the Chamber Director with the Texas Representative of Galveston. Mr. Lee also gave me a little homework to complete before our next meeting in which he wants me to do some research on the six candidates for the upcoming general election here in Frisco. From there he wants me to look into their different positions on issues that affect local business and organizations and to come up with some questions for the Chambers upcoming Candidate Forum in mid-April.

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