• Michael Hebert

Slow Start

This past week in ISM was really simple. We mostly just went over the deadlines and plans for this first half of the second semester and it seems relatively straightforward and simple. A huge portion of this marking period is mentor work heavy. I'm still in the process of setting up an interview with Dr. Cooley sometime soon. Other than that my search for a mentor is going very slowly. I hope we can schedule one soon and fingers crossed it goes well and I land him as a mentor. Other than that we have our regular assessments due each week. I decided to do the next few assessments on an annual report I found from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. The report outlines the state of democratic countries and governments around the world and this year's report pays close attention to the effects of the pandemic on different countries especially the United States. That should hopefully get me a couple of assessments out of the way. Other than that we also have to begin preparing for our final products. I have little to no idea of what to do for my product this year. I partially wish I would've saved my original work for this semester cause it would've worked out a lot better for both my potential mentor as well as the hour requirements.

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