• Michael Hebert

Spring Break

Over spring break I had completed a lot of the background work for the candidate information for the upcoming general election in Frisco. I had originally spent most of my time looking just at the city council positions that are up for election but I now increased my scope to include the Frisco Independent School District trustee positions and the Collin College trustee positions up for election as well. In total there are fifteen candidates and about five or six of them are incumbent candidates running for reelection. I also had a last-minute visit with my mentor where we discussed some of the things I had found about the candidates. We also went through the basic structure and set up of an executive order issued by the Texas Governor. We then looked over a house bill that would directly influence the ability of some smaller rural Texas towns to advocate for their needs in the overall Texas legislature. Overall last week was a pretty productive week. However, I'm still considering changing up the final shape of what my final product would be. I think I might create a website or spreadsheet containing all candidate information and positions as well as helpful information for voting in this year's election. My goal would be to create something that would resemble what my mentor produces every election cycle for the Chamber but more on a general scale instead of just focusing on business.

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