• Michael Hebert

Swinging with the Big Leagues

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

This week for ISM was a fun one! I got the opportunity to interview Zac Crain, the senior editor of D Magazine. I had gotten in contact with him through one of the ISM alumni interviews, Avery Dalal. Mr. Crain was an amazing interview because he gave some great advice, and he had experienced as a freelance reporter for small and large companies and has experience as an editor and author. He also attended one of my dream colleges at the University of Texas at Austin. This week I also made a connection with one of my close friend's friend whose dad is an anchor for CBS here in Dallas. I reached out to her, and she said she would put in a good word for me with her dad and see if I could possibly get an interview with him as well. The only thing I'm worried about with this situation is that I heard CBS usually does not work with students unless they are college students. I technically am a college student with the UNT program I do but I don't know how confident I am that will give me any advantages. I really hope that this works out though because it would be exactly what I want to work on and do for my career.

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