• Michael Hebert

The Business Symposium

This week was the ISM business symposium. This was my first actual symposium even though I am in ISM two. Last year we just had a few rounds of mock interviews with local business owners and ISM alumni. The business symposium was very different because we got to interact with other ISM students from around the district and got to speak with even more professionals than we did last year. It was honestly a little overwhelming at first cause I had no idea what to expect but I did have a good time! My favorite parts of the symposium were the individual presentations from Dr. Brad Bellard, the guest speaker, Brad Herman, the CEO of Text-Em-All, and Brandi Monroe, the HR director of Altair Global. The professional and Alumni panels were really interesting to listen to but felt a little awkward because we kind of just jumped in and didn't really know what to ask. While the whole experience was fun I did feel like it wasn't as productive as I would've hoped because I didn't really find any professionals or students who studied or practiced a topic similar to mine. Regardless, I am thankful I got to experience at least one regular business symposium since I couldn't last year with Covid and all the regulations that came with it.


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