• Michael Hebert

The Calm Before the Storm

Overall this was a relatively slow week for me in ISM. I emailed Simone Carter earlier this week but haven't heard back yet so hopefully, that will come through soon. I also haven't gotten a response from Gina Miller yet but I'm very hopeful that we will respond eventually. Getting to interview her would be an amazing opportunity and I would be very happy to get that chance. This week we took a break from our research assessments and wrote up our final topic proposal. It was a pretty straight forward and simple assignment. It was nice to look back and reminisce on what got me interested in journalism and broadcasting. As for reaching out to other professionals, later on, I was cleaning out some papers this week and found an old business card from Donnie Rayford. I met him waiting to pick up t-shirts for Frisco's first game in the playoffs. He works for QNet which is a tech management and business networking company and I remember he said he worked with a lot of professionals in the sports world, so it could be very useful to reach out to him and see if he has any people I could connect with. Fingers crossed next week will bring a lot more excitement and potential emails!

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