• Michael Hebert

The Final Draft

This was a very relaxed week in ISM. In regards to workload, it was pretty light with only an assessment and our product proposal and calendar final drafts being due. I managed to finish two assessments early this week and started a third. I also had a mentor visit with Mr. Lee. He had had a potential Covid exposure earlier in the week so we were unable to meet in the chamber offices like usual but we did have a short zoom call to talk about my proposal and to clear up a few things from some of my assessments. Overall he liked the direction I was heading in for the general plan and purpose of the project but he gave me a few different things to think about and prepare ahead of time. These included things like what the main purpose of the podcast would be. Like would it be a tool more for local businesses to get to know the views and goals of the chamber or would it be more for actual Frisco citizens to get a look into what goes on legislation wise in the city of Frisco. He also said it would be valuable to have a plan B prepared for those weeks when not much happens to report on and in case we have plans for a guest speaker and they possibly cancel. I definitely plan on taking these into consideration when writing out my final draft.

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