• Michael Hebert

The First Visit

This week I completed my first research interview! I met up with Garret Gravely who is a freelance journalist who's written for different outlets like The Dallas Observer, Central Track, and Frisco Style. It went very well! He gave me lots of very helpful advice and things to look into. He also mentioned a lot of things that I had found out about through my research assessments like Jimmy's world and the Janet Cooke incident. Those research assessments came more in handy than I was expecting. He also gave me the names of his friends who are also journalists that I could contact to interview as well. I plan on reaching out to Simone Carter, who is a staffed writer at Dallas Observer, sometime this week. Football season also starts back up this coming week which will give me the opportunity to talk to Steven Doherty about any sports journalist he knows that I could also interview. We also finished our research assessments for a little while, it'll be nice to take a little break from those. I also finished up my final resume draft and I really like how it turned out. I wish I had more work experience aside from sports broadcasting but aside from that all of the other parts of my resume were pretty full.

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