• Michael Hebert

The Run & Jump

This week in ISM was both easy but really exciting. In terms of assignments and workload, it was a very manageable week but the real reason I was excited is that I got the chance to reconnect and meet with my mentor from last year Chris Lee. I had run into him briefly last week at the Legislative Leadership Committee meeting and we had agreed to meet for a coffee and catch each other up on what we've been doing in the last few months as well as our plans for the remainder of this year. We started out talking about how my college apps have been going and how I just received my first acceptance letter to Texas Tech. We then talked about his recent trip to D.C. and how he met with different representatives and senators. I then told him about the Van Taylor program I'm in and how our second meeting is this weekend at the Congressional Veterans Commendation and he mentioned how one of his career friends who works for AT&T will be attending and receiving an award. We then went to discuss my plans for my projects this year and overall Mr. Lee seemed very intrigued by the direction I wanted to take my idea. We also said that he would be glad to connect me with anyone I would need or would be able to help me get any resources. He currently is going to connect me with Jason Cooley who is a professor of public administration at the University of North Texas and The Chief Innovations Officer for the City of Frisco. He could be the connection I need to finally get my foot in the door of the city planning/ management office which I'm very excited about. One thing Mr. Lee also mentioned was that our next project needs to be getting me up to Washington D.C. I'm not entirely sure if that means an upgraded Austin trip like last year but regardless if I can get the chance to go to D.C. I will be beyond happy.

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