• Michael Hebert

Things are Looking Up

This week in ISM was actually very productive. I was able to knock out my assessment for this week as well as the original work proposal that is due next week. I've also already piled up quite a few documents to use for future assessments that also fit into my original work. I ended up changing my idea for my original work to fit more into the idea of sustainable community building and developing a government system that would be ideal for a fully self-contained and self-sustained city. I plan on researching different communities that were isolated and self-sufficient and seeing either what they did right or what they did wrong. After I complete the research I want to select one of the communities I researched and draft up a proposal to revive or reconstruct an updated version of the city with new adjustments to make it cleaner, safer, and more environmentally sustainable. I specifically want to focus on the city of Kowloon that existed in the '90s. While this idea is super interesting to me and definitely something I want to pursue I am struggling to really connect this project idea to my topic of policy design and government affairs. I am also trying to see what potential avenues I could take in my search for a mentor who could really help me with this kind of project. I will probably reach out to a few of my friends in city hall and see if I can get a meeting with someone in the city planning department. I think that would be my best bet in finding the right professional.

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