• Michael Hebert

Time to Celebrate

This was a very good week in ISM! I managed to finish my assessment for this week pretty early which relieved a little stress and I had my interview with Mr. Lee this morning. It went really well! I was initially pretty nervous for the interview because I didn't know very much about his job position and with the fact that I focused more on national politics instead of local politics but Mr. Lee answered my questions amazingly and gave me a ton of useful information on how the City of Frisco operates and what part he plays in the legislative process. He also gave me a ton of useful vocabulary to actually describe what I would like my career to be, and he helped me put my goals into words. I also got very lucky because Mr. Lee already knew a lot about how the ISM program worked, and he was very direct about wanting to help me this year, so I found my new mentor! I get to start mentor visits next week and I couldn't be more excited, I think Mr. Lee is going to be an amazing resource and person to give me a great experience in politics.

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