• Michael Hebert

Two Down Many More To Go

This week was very eventful! Not only am I getting back in the loop with Frisco Sports Broadcasting I also made quite a few new contacts and have my second research interview lined up. As of right now, my second interview is scheduled for October third with Simone Carter. She emailed me back earlier this week and sounded really excited to get interviewed for the program. I'm very excited to be interviewing her. In my research to prepare for our interview, I saw that she had written a lot of articles for the Dallas Morning News, and her main topics of focus include politics, social issues, and local crime which are the topics I'm really interested in working in for my future career. Her working for the Dallas Morning News also means that she might have some very useful connections she could help me with if the interview goes well. I was also finally able to talk to Doherty and ask him about those potential contacts. He said he'd be more than happy to help me out and point me in the direction of some local broadcasters and some who work for Channel 8. I work at Memorial Stadium Saturday after my interview with Simone so I should get those contacts by then.

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