• Michael Hebert

Weighing my Options

This was a relatively calm week in ISM. It was the last week before Thanksgiving break, so we have new assessments left for this semester and our deadline for selecting a mentor is drawing closer and closer every day. We also have our Original Work project coming down the pipe as well. In regard to the Original Work, I think I finally have a solid idea of what I want to do after having a conversation with Coach Goff about it. My original idea for this project was to design/ organize a program to get more Frisco teens involved in political discussions and volunteering opportunities but as the due date drew closer I started to realize that I probably wouldn't have enough time to fully develop the idea. After my discussion with Coach Goff, I landed on the idea of writing an Op-Ed that fits under the umbrella of all my research and try to get it published. I've gotten some practice with writing Op-Ed style articles in my English and History class and actually enjoy the process a lot. So, with that settled, I'll be able to get started on it very soon. I also need to worry about finding out who my mentor for this year will be. I've been reading and thinking about the interviews I've conducted this year and I think I have my top two choices established but I still need to reach out to them and make sure either of them are alright with contributing to the program this year.

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