• Michael Hebert

Writer's Block

This week in ISM has been a slow one. Since I finished my assessments for this week and next week already my goal for this week was to use ISM class time to work on my college apps. Thankfully I was able to knock out all of my actual documents and forms stuff for my applications but the only thing I have left is my essay. I'm very thankful that all the colleges I am applying to use the same essay prompt but I'm having a very hard time getting started. I've run through three different ideas but nothing I've been writing feels any good. Regardless I need to make sure I finish this essay before the end of the next week. I should also hopefully have my final recommendation letter by next week as well. Hopefully this week I will hear back about my committee application for the FISD legislative leadership committee and I can start planning for the club I want to start at FHS. I have also not heard back about the CYAC application from Van Taylor's office yet either and with the first scheduled meeting being September 25th I'm starting to think that I may not have gotten a position on the council.

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